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It’s happening

10 JUL


Since last week, the Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices, the body in charge of authorizing and fixing prices of drugs in Spain, has publicized more information on their decisions. We now can know what criteria has been used to give green light to medicines that are incorporated into the National Health System, which drugs do not enter and the reasons that have led to the decision, such as their low therapeutic value or high price. None of this was public before.


This is one of the petitions that the campaign It’s not Healthy has been making for a long time, so today there are reasons to celebrate. Now it is time to continue taking strides because only with transparency will we be able to change this model and put the right to health above commercial interests. You’ll always find us there.


You can find more information in this Acta Sanitaria article.


Photo designed by Freepik